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Instagram is one of the top social platforms and the foundation of several brands’ social media presence.
As a result of the usefulness of Instagram in boosting a brand’s online presence, most brand owners work towards growing their Instagram followers.
Given the level of competition on this platform, brand owners and content creators are taking steps to grow their Instagram followers.
The list below breaks down several tips for growing your Instagram followers.

5 ways to grow your Instagram Followers

Optimize your Instagram Profile
Your Instagram profile is the first thing people see when they visit your page. It’s a total of who you are, what you represent, and what you can offer.
Therefore, you should consider and work on your Instagram profile before you worry about how to gain followers.
Your Instagram bio, profile picture, and bio link define who you are (Brand Identity) on Instagram.
Ensure your username represents or relates to your brand and what you offer. Secondly, update your profile picture to something more professional either your brand logo or your picture.
Lastly, ensure your bio link leads your audience to other services you offer or a site with multiple links where they can make purchases or inquiries. Make changes to your Instagram profile to improve its appearance. Give your potential followers a cause to follow you by introducing yourself to them.
This gives your audience a super-friendly experience on your page.

Interact with other Brand Ambassadors, and Influencers
One of the ways to increase your Instagram followers is by engaging with others.
Engaging with others involves sharing their posts, liking them, and commenting as well.
This act puts your name in the minds of other brand ambassadors and influencers. Therefore, through interaction, you build ongoing brand awareness for your business.

Create amazing Content
You’re not expected to post whatever you like on Instagram if you wish to grow your followers.
Every content on your page must be high-quality and engaging content.
Firstly, your captions (whether long or short) should be appealing to the eyes of your audience.
Additionally, ensure that your content is useful and relatable to your audience. Besides, people tend to engage in posts that they find relatable to either their personal life or something around them.
Over time, excellent content does wonder for humanizing your business, gaining fans, and enhancing the shareability of your content, which can increase your followers.
Finally, including a call to action in your content is another method to make them more shareable and to interact with your followers.

Use meaningful Hashtags
Hashtags have been useful tools on Instagram for a very long time. However, it’s one thing to use Hashtags and it’s another thing to use the right Hashtags.
Moreover, understanding how Hashtags perform on Instagram is critical to your Instagram growth.
Your content will reach a larger audience and make you more discoverable to potential buyers if you include the right hashtags.
Nevertheless, being judicious and utilizing hashtags sparingly are the keys to using them effectively.

Promote your Instagram
Promoting your Instagram account is like the fuel used to increase your Instagram followers.
One of the best ways to gain followers on Instagram is to promote your account.
You can achieve this by running promotional ads. By running promotional ads on your page, you tend to reach a larger audience, therefore, increasing your followers.

In conclusion, increasing your Instagram followers does not happen by chance or within a short period.
It takes deliberate actions and hard work to grow your Instagram account and increase your followers.
Using the aforementioned tips, you can lay the groundwork for an organic following that interacts with you.

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