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Every professional web designer agrees that there are several skills needed for web designing. Some of these skills are soft skills while some are hard skills. However, they all work together to carry out a specific goal which is web designing. On the other hand, some of these skills needed for web designing can be self-taught while others require special training. The endpoint is to deliver a website that satisfies the need of the client or customer.
Web design is a lucrative profession, hence, there has been a significant evolution in the expectations for web design. Currently, many businesses demand that their web designers be experts in a variety of coding languages, graphic design, digital strategy, and other fields.
These specified skills are needed for web designing:


The most crucial skill to master for web design is still HyperText Markup Language, which is the basis for practically all websites. Generally, a web designer should be able to code. Therefore, understanding HTML enables you to manage your workflow and operate outside of these editors as necessary, regardless of whether you use a content management system or a WYSIWYG editor. Furthermore, HTML helps you add content and provide a web page structure. This includes adding headers, footers, paragraphs, and graphics to a website as a web designer. Therefore, understanding HTML well greatly aids you in becoming an expert in your field.


This is the code that instructs browsers on how to style or format HTML for a web page. CSS which means Cascading Style Sheets improves the appearance of the website and enables you to modify the background, fonts, and color scheme. Additionally, it allows you to incorporate your imagination into the website you are developing. Through CSS, your design sense comes through and you’re able to implement your level of creativity on websites.


User Experience (UX) combines a site’s usability with incorporating interactive and dynamic aspects. User Experience aims to make the design enjoyable to explore, thereby focusing on a person’s emotional reaction to a design. Furthermore, UX seeks to engage users and direct them through the website to customize their experience. On the other hand, User Interface (UI), includes web pages, buttons, menus, and few interactions. UI provides a seamless experience that smoothly leads a viewer through a design.
However, when working as a UX designer, you’ll create wireframes, and employ templates to make rough sketches of each webpage’s essential elements.


Understanding web design and visual design standards are vital for every even designer. Although creating a website can be done directly in a web browser, software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Sketch are used in graphic design and web design for crucial job functions, including creating mockups, designing assets (like logos and images), and, of course, editing and enhancing photos.

In conclusion, these specified hard skills are needed for web designing, however, a web designer has to possess some soft skills such as:
•Time Management
•Communication Skills
•Problem-solving skills
•Creative thinking
•Project Management
•Attention to detail

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