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How To Make Money From SEO Writing

Have you ever wondered how to make money from SEO writing? Sometimes, we hear a lot of people saying they make money from SEO writing but you don’t understand how.
Previously we published an article on SEO tips for beginners who don’t understand their way around SEO writing. It served as a guide for young SEO writers, however, you need to know how to make money from SEO writing.

SEO is a crucial element in digital marketing because businesses rely on it to increase their online visibility and attract more customers. Currently, there are vast opportunities for people to make money from SEO writing.
However, before thinking of how to make money from SEO, you should have understood how to write good website content and SEO myths and facts
This understanding guides you properly on how to make money from SEO writing.
In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to make money from SEO.

Freelance Writing Platforms

This is the common way people make money from SEO writing. Freelance platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, or Freelancer connect freelance writers with clients who need SEO content for their websites.
Additionally, freelancers can create a profile, list their skills and experience, and apply for writing projects posted by clients. Meanwhile, these projects range from blog posts, and articles to product descriptions and website copy.

Content Writing Agencies

If you want to make money from SEO writing, then this is also ideal for you. Content writing agencies are companies that provide content writing services to businesses. These agencies often specialize in SEO writing and have a team of experienced writers who produce high-quality SEO content for clients. With these agencies, you receive a steady stream of work depending on the type of project. This is ideal especially if you cannot get direct clients on your own.

Direct Clients

On the other hand, you can also find direct clients who need SEO content for their blogs and websites. Direct clients range from small businesses, startups, or bloggers who want to improve their online presence.
One of the ways to get direct clients is by reaching out to them directly, pitching your skills and services, and negotiating rates. Even though some direct clients might offer higher rates than agencies, it’s a rigorous process to find direct clients.

Start your Blog

This is an ideal way to make money from SEO writing if you have a passion for writing. However, before you start a blog, pick a specific niche or topic that you’re knowledgeable about and you start your blog. By creating high-quality SEO content, you attract visitors to your blog and monetize it in various ways.
There are several ways to monetize your website, such as:

Google AdSense: Here, you display ads on your website and earn money when visitors click on those ads. Besides, with SEO, you tend to attract more visitors to your website and increase your AdSense earnings.

Sponsored Content: On the other hand, you can publish sponsored content on your website and charge businesses for it. By optimizing SEO to rank for keywords related to those businesses, you attract more visitors to your website.

Affiliate Marketing: Freelancers who write SEO content can make money by promoting other people’s products. This is achieved by producing SEO content that includes affiliate links to products or services related to the content. Therefore, when readers click on the links and make a purchase, the writer earns a commission.

Create and Sell SEO Courses

This is a form of making money by selling digital products in form of SEO courses. This is ideal especially if you’re an SEO expert because many people want to learn how to optimize their websites for search engines. Additionally, people are willing to pay for courses to learn SEO. Therefore, you can create courses on topics such as keyword research, on-page optimization, link building, and analytics. Likewise, you can sell your courses personally or on platforms like Udemy, and Teachable.

In conclusion, SEO writing remains a viable way for freelance writers to make money in 2023. Whether you choose to work as a freelance writer, write for content agencies, or affiliate websites, or start your blog.
Besides, as the demand for high-quality SEO content continues to grow, there are plenty of opportunities for freelance writers to earn a good income from SEO writing.

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