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Instagram Reels are full-screen Instagram videos with a maximum runtime of 90 seconds. Instagram users have access to a large library of audio files, including everything from popular tunes to samples of other users’ viral content. This means they can use any audio of their choice for their reels.
Additionally, users have access to several filters, captions, interactive backdrops, stickers, and more.
However, most users do not know that Instagram reels can boost your engagement and growth on Instagram.

Reels are a powerful tool for expanding your audience beyond your present audience base. A good number of Instagram users spend so much time on Instagram reels. This means that your reels can appear on the explore page thereby exposing you to a brand-new audience.
Furthermore, reels receive higher engagement than regular videos, according to current research.
With these tips below, you rest assured that your reels will boost your Instagram engagement.

Showcase your Brand Identity
This tip applies to every other kind of Instagram content idea. Whatever your post on Instagram should showcase your brand identity. This means that your audience can view your reels and immediately have an idea of what your brand offers. In addition to your business’s origins, principles, and ideals. Reels are a fantastic tool for presenting your story in a condensed, easily shared manner.

Use the right Audio
As stated earlier, with reels you have access to a wide range of audio choices. However, you must make the right choice while choosing your audio.
Your audio must resonate with your video or your video caption. Therefore, when you click the music note icon on the reels creation screen, ensure you select audio that complements the clip’s tone and theme.
Moreover, your audio must align with the length of your video clip as well. Keep in mind that the reels only last 15 to 90 seconds, so you must choose an acceptable section of the track to play. Additionally, you can use the video’s live audio or caption if you don’t wish to use music.

Use Creative Edits and Transitions
To keep your audience engaged in your reels, ensure you creatively edit them and add transitions as well. This draws the attention of your audience and keeps them interested for a longer period.
An easy but sudden transition from one scene to the next to adjust your position to the camera or take a shot from a different perspective, or zoom in on yourself or your subject.
This small change or transition keeps your audience glued to your videos for a longer period.

Include CTA and Q&A
Just like other content on Instagram, Call to Action (CTA) and Question and Answer increase engagement on Instagram. Keep people interested by using Instagram reels to respond to their queries. Through this method, you’ll have an unending stream of content ideas if you end one of your reels with a call to action (CTA) encouraging viewers to leave more questions for you in the comments.
Furthermore, you can choose any question in the comment section for your next Instagram reel idea.
Moreover, because your audience wants to get their queries answered, it will keep your people coming back for more. You’ll be asked additional questions as you provide more answers.

Conclusively, Instagram Reels may be the feature you’ve been looking for to boost your Instagram engagement. Alongside giving your Instagram presence some much-needed vitality if you’ve been feeling a little bored with it lately.
Reels is a simple feature that doesn’t require a lot of time or effort to implement, which is fantastic news. You may almost immediately increase your organic interaction on Instagram if you use these suggestions.

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