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Basic knowledge of content creation is vital for everyone especially those in the Tech space.
The word “Content Creation” is a broad term that needs to be simplified for better understanding.
This understanding helps you identify the areas to focus on if you intend to venture into being a content creator.

Basically, content creation deals with creating helpful, and interesting content to build trust and loyalty with your audience.
This content has to be simplified, understandable, and relatable.
That way you gain the trust of your audience which is vital for every business.

Content creation involves:
•Generating content ideas
•Developing the ideas
•Carrying out the said action
•Making it accessible to your audience.

As stated earlier, content creation is a broad term, hence the need to break it down into the most common categories.




•Content Writing


Blogging entails various activities such as writing, photography, and other forms of self-published web media.
However, it goes further to obtaining a blog site or website, buying a domain name, and growing your blog.

This gives room for reader engagement, increases SEO, increases brand loyalty, and serves as a means of income.

Currently, digital marketing involves high-quality videos.
Moreover, some social media platforms now rate high-quality videos more than pictures.

Videography involves capturing videos with the help of digital equipment.
Then editing the video and producing an appealing result thereafter.

Additionally, as a videographer, you can specialize in branding videos, wedding videos, movies, or even videos for social media.


This specifically refers to the visual or graphical representation of information.
Infographics are used to pleasingly represent information.
This makes the information easy to understand and digest.

Additionally, infographics increase one’s ability to recognize patterns and trends by including images for basic information.
Creating infographics for businesses is vital.
This is because it builds brand awareness and boosts engagement about topics important to the company.

Content Writing
Content writing involves writing and publishing relevant written content for websites, blogs, and social media.

Every business has a specific target audience and every platform has a specific mode of writing.
Therefore, a content writer must provide the relevant content needed for each business and each platform.

Besides, as a content writer, you can focus on one or more of these aspects:
•Blog posts
•Video scripts
•Podcast scripts
•Press releases
•Landing pages
•Social media copy etc.
However, the goal is to create content that contains keywords aimed at improving a website’s SEO.

Podcasts are the preparation and distribution of audio content on various platforms.
A podcast involves recording an audio discussion on a specific topic.

It could be on fashion, lifestyle, music, travel, business, food, etc.
Interestingly, podcasts are vital because it creates an intimate connection with your audience.
Furthermore, you can drive traffic to your blog site or website through backlinks in podcast directories.

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