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Artificial intelligence, or AI is a well-known technology that has the potential to completely transform our daily lives. In numerous ways, it improves the safety, simplicity, and wellness of our lives.

Interestingly, AI creates solutions to difficulties in our daily lives, such as the quickest route from our home to our workplace, the ability to read web pages written in various languages, the ability to hunt up information we need, and a variety of other uses.

Impact of AI on our daily life

•Facial recognition technology
Face recognition technology has slowly crept into our daily lives, through the facial recognition capabilities of smartphones or CCTVs placed in public areas.
The AI functionality in mobile phones typically locks and unlocks access.

The information is only there to spare you from having to type in a password or security code; it never leaves your device.

•Personalized shopping
Online retailers frequently employ artificial intelligence to generate personalized suggestions for customers.
Websites keep track of your activities on other companies’ websites and mobile apps while also collecting information about your browsing habits, preferences, and interests.
Therefore, businesses may more rapidly and intelligently filter through petabytes of data with the help of AI to foresee customer behavior and offer relevant and helpful recommendations to specific customers. To give the customer a tailored purchasing experience, this level of intelligence is essential.

•Digital voice assistants
We all utilize digital voice assistance, which is found in the majority of mobile phones. Digital assistants like Apple’s Siri, Google Now, Amazon’s Alexa, and Microsoft’s Cortana aid users with a variety of tasks by using voice commands and voice synthesis to get information. Nevertheless, Al plays a crucial role in how they function, because these apps learn from every user contact.

•Travel & Navigation
Many people use navigation services provided by artificial intelligence as part of their daily lives. You benefit from AI-enabled services when traveling from one location to another, whether you use apps like Google Maps. This helps to estimate traffic and construction to identify the shortest route or a taxi-lease company like Uber.

•Social Media Feeds
Check through the various social media apps like Facebook or Instagram on your mobile phones to see the significance of AI. Whatever you observe and do on these platforms, is to a large extent, driven by machine learning. Furthermore, when you browse through such structures, AI decides which feeds you get to peer while doing so, as well as which notifications you get.

Lastly, with the escalating cost of healthcare and the strain on doctors, most sicknesses are misdiagnosed.
However, AI makes it easier for individuals to stay healthy, reducing the need for doctors. Consumer health applications powered by AI are already assisting individuals by promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Moreover, it is already used to early diagnose diseases like cancer because of its aptitude for data processing. Therefore, AI makes it possible to monitor early-stage cardiac disease in conjunction with consumer wearables and other medical equipment. This enables medical professionals to identify potentially curable life-threatening occurrences at an early stage.

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