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A copyright law protects you from those who would copy and exploit your work for financial gain. However, copyright protection has some limits. in other to own 100 percent copyright of your website source code and all of its content , bellow are the under-listed steps to follow.

Ensure that you create original content

Make sure that all the content and code on your website is original and created by you or your team of programmer.  

Document creation process

Keep a record of the creation process, including the date of creation and the names of the individuals , Company or programmers who worked on the project.

Use copyright notices

Include a notice on your website indicating that the content and code is copyrighted by you or your company.

Register for copyright

Consider registering your website’s content and code with the relevant government copyright office or agency in Nigeria  to establish a legal record of your ownership.

Registering your copyright with the relevant government agency provides you with legal proof of your ownership and can be used to defend your rights in court.

Also Register your Website Content and code with International copyright to own international copyright.

Use licensing agreements

If you hire contractors or allow others to use your code or content, use a licensing agreement that clearly specifies the terms of use and ownership.

(Include End user License Agreement on your website for all users to agree or Accept.)

Include a copyright notice

Include a copyright notice on your website to make it clear that you are the owner of the content and to deter others from using it without permission.

Enforce your rights

If someone infringes on your copyright, take legal action to enforce your rights and protect your ownership.

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