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Top 5 tools every web developer should know

When it comes to the business of web development, there are top tools every web developer should know. Generally, as a web developer, having the right tools at your disposal makes all the difference. Whether you’re a professional or a newbie mastering the essential tools is key to success.
This is because these tools help make the work easier and they also help you stand out as a web developer.
Now what are these tools every developer should know and use? Let’s talk about these five tools that every web developer should know about.

5 tools every web developer should know


The top on the list is GitHub. GitHub revolutionized version control and collaboration in web development. As a web developer, understanding GitHub’s workflow is crucial for managing projects efficiently. Though it might seem a bit tough and challenging GitHub serves like a big online folder where developers store their code. Additionally, the moment you begin to adapt, you’ll realise that it’s great for working with others because everyone can see what changes are made, suggest improvements, and fix mistakes together. Besides, with features like code repositories, branching, pull requests, and issue tracking, GitHub ensures a smooth collaboration among team members. Therefore, it stands out as one of the tools every developer should know as it ensures code integrity, transparency, and accountability throughout the development lifecycle.

Sublime Text

The next on the list is Sublime Text. This particular tool has long been a favourite among developers for its speed, simplicity, and extensibility. With its amazing interface and powerful features like a command palette, and customizable snippets, Sublime Text enhances productivity and workflow efficiency. It helps you write HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other languages without any hassle. Generally, it’s like having a smart friend who helps you write your code neatly and quickly. Therefore, whether you’re writing HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or any other language, Sublime Text provides a seamless editing experience, making it the go-to text editor for web developers worldwide.

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code (VS Code) has emerged over time as one of the tools every web developer should know. This is as a result of its versatility and extensibility. Packed with features like built-in Git integration, debugging capabilities, and various extensions, VS Code caters to the diverse needs of web developers. Visual Studio Code, or VS Code for short, does a lot of things. It helps you write code, find mistakes, and even work with other developers using Git. It’s like having a toolbox for building websites and apps. Generally, VS Code provides a unified platform for coding, testing, and debugging.


Currently, Bootstrap has become synonymous with responsive web design. This has helped web developers to create elegant and mobile-friendly layouts with ease. Bootstrap is like a go-to kit for making websites look awesome on all devices, like phones, tablets, and computers. It gives you ready-made pieces of code for things like buttons, forms, and menus. Additionally, Bootstrap provides CSS and JavaScript components, including a responsive grid system, typography, forms, buttons, and navigation elements. Through these, developers can expedite the development process and ensure their websites look and perform flawlessly across devices and screen sizes.


This particular tool has transformed the way developers build interactive user interfaces for web applications. ReactJS is a special tool for making websites more interactive and fun to use. It helps you build cool features like animations, real-time updates, and user interfaces that feel smooth and fast. Additionally, it enables the creation of reusable UI components, making it ideal for building dynamic and responsive web interfaces. With its declarative syntax, virtual DOM, and component-based architecture, ReactJS simplifies the development of complex user interfaces. Generally, this tool empowers developers to create amazing and engaging user experiences.

In conclusion, as a web developer, mastering the use of these essential tools is paramount for success. Whether it’s GitHub, coding with Sublime Text and Visual Studio Code, designing with Bootstrap, or building with ReactJS, these five tools are indispensable for web developers of all levels. They help you work better, and faster, and make your websites look and feel amazing. These tools are top tools every web developer should know as they not only streamline your workflow but also elevate the quality and efficiency of your web development projects.

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