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Starting your own blog

When you finally decide to start your own small blog as a business you need to be prepared and determined for the task ahead. I know it could be very challenging at first when you are about to start your small blogging business especially when you have no idea where to start. Sounds like you right ?

If so, read on, for exactly what you need to do before starting your own blog today.

Bellow are the steps that we feel will be very useful for a beginner like you

1 Decide on what your blog will be all about:

As an intending blogger , its very important to have a niche, as these will make you stand out and recognised in your own niche. there are a lot of niche out there , such as Health , Insurance , Economics , business , Travel and tourism , Sports , Cars etc. the list is endless , at least now i believe you have an idea of what a niche is and what i mean whenever you see or hear the word niche in this post.

2 Decide on a blogging platform

There are lots of Platforms out there , such as Google Blogger formally Google blogspot , WordPress ,  WeeblyJoomla and Drupal etc.

Most of them are open source but i will recommend WordPress since it will be easy for you to learn and catch up so fast.

3. Register a domain name

i believe by now you must have decided the name you will want to give your blog , that name is being referred to as domain name example You can do this through a domain registrar like NameCheap1&1 or GoDaddy and the likes which you can find via Google search .Domain name usually cost around $10 a year this is what you will be to registered and acquire a domain name for your blog.

Although the price may go down if you are paying for more than one year up-front. while choosing a domain name try to choose a .com domain name extension (as opposed to .net, .biz, etc.), if possible, and use your trademarked business name if it’s available. Make sure your domain is catchy and easy to remember yet specific enough to differentiate you from other sites or businesses.

4. Purchase web hosting.

While your WordPress site is free, you’ll still need to pay to have your blog hosted, which costs more than the domain rental. You can purchase your web hosting service through a number of different companies, but some of the more popular are GoDaddyHostgatorBluehost and 1&1

5. Start Writing

before now you must have decided on your niche ,that is to say you already know what you will be writing about.

  • Your main objective is it to get leads, build your email list or become an expert in your field?
  • you need to commit to blogging at least two to three times a week but blogging once a week is better than nothing.

Once you have a plan in place, go ahead and write. Focus on topics where you have unique insights to share, or where you can really add to the conversation. Don’t just rehash what everyone else is saying. Be original and write about topics that are of value to your audience.

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